We specialise in working with brands and retailers to develop robust and engineered colour in design. Our business is based on the philosophy of creating custom dyed fabric quickly and accurately for both fashion and retail brands.

With our Park ‘Custom Colour’ you can achieve literally any colour from any source or medium – whether it is that piece of lime in your gin or that bubble-gum pink to stand out from a crowd – we can implant the colour onto textile product with unbelievable precision and ease. There are literally millions of colours out there waiting to be discovered – it’s a colourful world!

Our Colour Matching

There's more than one way to find the perfect colour

With Park Colour, you’ll be teaming up with the largest producer of engineered custom colour standards globally. Our process is instrumental in reducing and solving the problems associated with producing accurate colour matches and implementing colour management programmes within the supply base. We are a “true authority” on colour.


Duplicate “any” colour from a cutting or sample

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Custom Colour

Fine-tune your shade to achieve the perfect colour

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A Managed

From colour development to manufacture and distribution

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